Centralize Files: Create one-source-of-the-truth for your business content & files

Quantum Leap allows you to securely share files with people as well as with other solutions and systems. The result: One ‘master control center’ from which you can manage, update and control business content and files everywhere they appear.

Integrate with leading business solutions

Quantum Leap integrates with leading business solutions including:
  • Salesforce integration: manage sales support material in Quantum Leap and ensure access to the most accurate and up-to-date content in Salesforce
  • SharePoint integration: Quantum Leap helps you quickly leverage and augment Sharepoint 2013 features with our Quantum Leap File Library app.

APIs and Plug-ins for custom enterprise integration

Quantum Leap Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to build applications, connect content and files to other solutions and systems. Whether you are developing internally or through external partners, Quantum Leap provides control and security. Unique API key authentication allows you to control vendor access to your content. Quantum Leap APIs allow you to build mobile apps, custom interfaces, and integrate with enterprise systems.

Integrate your files with Quantum Workspace

Integrate business files and content with Quantum Workspace, a powerful, feature-rich sales and marketing platform that allows you to control, publish and update files across all channels and communications simultaneously. Need to launch a new producton your websites, mobile sites, create e-literature and sales support materials? Quantum Workspace reduces the time for product launches from weeks to hours.
Join thousands of global customers who share, centralize & manage business files using Quantum Leap