How we help your sales teams win more business

Arm your sales force with accurate, up-to-date videos, case studies, presentations, proposals and pricing—sent directly to their laptop. If a sales person is in a hotel in Shanghai prepping for ameeting or sitting across the desk from a customer, they have what they need offline.  Without having to fool with FTP sites.

Share company knowledge & insight. Easily!

Teams can instantly share knowledge and customer reaction to presentations, proposals and multi-media to help leverage one another’s work and meet critical deadlines. Enable teams to quickly locate support materials that best meet their customers’ specific or unique needs.

Increase speed to market

Accelerate the launch of new products and campaigns. Quantum Leap serves as your 'master control center' and lets you create and update messaging across all systems, platforms and communications channels at one time-- ensuring that everyone is always on the same page—from sales team members to channel partners and customers accessing information from websites, mobile sites and portals.

Create powerful, consistent brands

Over the past few years, communications channels have increased exponentially. Maintaining consistent, accurate branded information at every customer touch point is a growing challenge for marketing teams of all sizes.  Quantum Workspace serves as your ‘one-source-of-the-truth’ from which marketing teams and their partners can create accurate content.

Invest more time in strategic initiatives

How much time does your marketing team spend on redundant tactical steps? For many companies, just one product image change can result in a long list of tasks including updates to multiple servers, libraries and communications. Quantum Leap eliminates redundant process, improves efficiency and enables teams to focus on strategic initiatives that drive your business forward.

Keep projects on track, on time and on budget

Quantum Leap helps you manage vendors and partners by providing them with secure, direct access to the files they need to keep your projects moving forward. As vendors complete projects, they can upload directly to Quantum Leap where their work can be routed for internal review and feedback. Eliminates project delays and missteps.

Update files everywhere they appear

Quantum Leap connects to enterprise and business solutions so you can manage files and content across your organization from one ‘master control center’. Ensures internal and external teams are aligned and armed with accurate information.  Smart!
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